Thursday, 20 May 2010

More lippies

Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in the colour Gabrielle (60), bought only a few weeks ago and worn once! Comes in amazing silver packaging with double mirror. A gorgeous pink with a hint of coral.

Cost me £30 - £18 including postage! SOLD

Revlon, Twinkled Pink 413. A pretty rose pink with slight shimmer, worn once
- £2.50 plus postage £1.
Miners nude lipstick in Barely Buff, worn once - £1.50 plus £1 postage. SOLD

Nars Barbarella, bought 2 weeks ago, worn once. RRP £17 but today £10 plus £1 postage. Gorgeous peachy nude. SOLD
Jemma Kidd lipstick in English Rose, a nude pink, worn once - £5 plus £1 postage. SOLD

YSL Rouge Volupte in the number 26, worn once, gorgeous peach. RRP £21 - £14 including postage. SOLD
YSL Rouge Pur in 142, a discontinued peachy nude shade. Worn once RRP £21 - £14 including shipping. SOLD
YSL Rouge Pur lipstick in 141 a pretty blue toned pink, worn twice - RRP £21 - £14 including postage.
Topshop lipstick in Desert, peachy nude, RRP £8 - £5.50 including shipping.
Rituals Cream and Care mineral lipstick in Dazzling, a blue toned pink with slight shimmer, worn once - RRP £11 - £5 plus shipping £1.

Open to anyone, anywhere.Please leave comment below with paypal, first come first served!

Thanks x


  1. Can I have the Guerlain Rouge G please.

  2. can i have nars barbarella? :)

  3. Can I please have the nars rouge v and gemma Kidd

  4. Can I have the Jemma Kidd one please.xx

  5. I'll take the miners one please hunny.


  6. @sousk which did you mean??nars is sold so is Guerlain did you mrean YSL??Do you want Jemma Kidd as you were first?x

  7. @missmascara - i think the comment b4 was first will just see if they want it still :) otherwise its yoursc x

  8. Rouge volupte In 26 I meant sorry! And jemma Kidd!

  9. I'd love the YSL rough Volupte in 26 if it hasn't already been taken.

    Thanks xXx

  10. @hazeleyes - sorry just pipped to the post thanks tho xx

  11. ysl 142 please

  12. YSL Rouge Pur lipstick in 141 please :)