Thursday, 22 April 2010

Fake tan and foundation

Great quality foundation brush by Benefit, used several times until I bought a MAC one! - £5 postage £1.50. SOLD

Benefit's You Rebel tinted moisturiser in box, Used Once - £15 was £21.50 postage £2.

Cargo OneBase - concealer and foundation in one colour 02, used once 17g - £5 cost £12 postage £1 and £1.50 elsewhere.

Xen Tan full sized Deep Bronze Luxe body tanner and Face Tanner Luxe.
I bought these a few months ago and used it once but it didn't work for me unfortunately, the colour is an odd murky green, I don't know if this is right but if your willing to try then it's a fair price for both.
£10 together plus £2 post to UK and £2.50 elsewhere. SOLD

Please comment below if you'd like something!

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  1. Hi Holly can I have the Benefit foundation brush and both the Xen tans please!

    Paypal is

    Thanks hun